Amuse Gueule

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Two Xbox controlers must be connected. The two players must try to eat the mini-dino sushi when the tip of their stick are touching the same mini-dino sushi (The sticks doesn't have to be tilted). The controls are: left stick: move, right stick: tilt the stick and triggers(left, right or both): eat the mini-dino sushi if both players pressed around the same time. To start the game: R.

You enter a foreign restaurant and the cook serves you some mini-dino sushi. Finish your plate as fast as possible! This is a two player game. Each player must have a controler. The theme of the 2017 Creative Jam 8e Edition was "miniature".

Creation date: 2017 may

Used technologies:

  • Unity 3D (5.6.1)
  • C#


  • Tony Duong(programmer)
  • Jean-Sébastien Gervais(programmer)
  • Lancer Guo(programmer)
  • Marc-Antoine Giguère(sound artist)
  • Éliane Lan-Ahn Nguyen(visual)
  • Lulu Xing(visual)

Part(s) in the project:

  • Programmer