Projet Vision

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You can connect an Xbox controller. For the controller, the controls are: left stick: move, right stick: look, B/X/Y: change vision and back: deactivate the vision. For the keyboard, the controls are: W/A/S/D: move, mouse: look, X/C/V: change vision and B: deactivate the vision.

The first objective of this project was to reproduce the same game mechanic as the one of Metroid Prime where it was possible to change the type of vision (thermal, X-Ray, echoe, etc.). The second was to understand and to learn to use shaders. The used shaders where took from several tutoriels, but with some modifications from me. The most important is the framework established to make it easily to create and manage the various visions. This framework could be easily used during a Game Jam.

Creation date: 2017 april - march

Used technologies:

  • Unity 3D (5.6.1)
  • C#

Part(s) in the project:

  • Solo Project