Flamingo Saloon

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You must throw your bottles to the client (those who are sitting do) to make money. The drunks (those who walks) are try to get close to your bottles and if they do, they stole one of your bottle if possible. The only way to get rib of them is to throw them a bottle, but they won't pay you! You have four kind of bottle. To select a bottle, use right click on it. To throw it, hold left click to charge your throw, than realise it to throw it. The first bottle, the one at your left, is available in an unlimited quantity, but the others must be bought between rounds. At the end of each rounds, the rent will be taken from your money and you will loose if you aren't able to pay your rent. The game last three rounds. To get to the pause menu, use "ESC" (you will need to use it twice the first time).

The goald of the game is to win enough money to pay your rent. Serve your client to win money, but watch out for the drunk guys who are trying to steal your bottles! This game was developed during the Creative Jam 9e Edition 2017 with the theme "Western" and with the constrained to integrate a shop.

Creation date: September 18 to 20, 2017

Used technologies:

  • Unity 3D (5.5.0)
  • C#


  • Sébastien Blondeau(programmer)
  • Catalin Stefan Popesou(programmer)
  • Marc-Antoine Giguère(sound artiste)
  • Mickhael Beauparlant(visual)
  • Patricia Cormier(visual)
  • Hippolyte Babinet(Game Designer)

Part(s) in the project:

  • Programmer