Cat Landing Simulator 2017

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Turn each body part of the cat ant try to make him land on his feet as much as possible. You can rotate each body part of the cat, one after the other. You can use the right stick (for the controller) or the A/D keys (for the keyboard). To turn the camera, use the right stick (for the controller) or the right/left directional keys (for the keyboard). To lock the rotation of a body part, use A (for the controller) or return or the space bar (for the keyboard). Once a body part is blocked, you gain control of the next one. You can’t unlock a body part. The feet of the cat must be the first one in other for him to land correctly. Use A (for the controller) or return or the space bar (for the keyboard) to start a knew game after the cat touches the ground.

You must help a free falling cat to land on his feet. This game was made during the Creative Jam 9e Edition 2017 with the theme of " Balance" and the constraint was to integrate the most accessibility functionality as possible. We won the public price.

Creation date: September 22 to 24, 2017

Used technologies:

  • Unity 3D (2017.1.1f1)
  • C#


  • Vincent Charbonneau (captain)
  • Noémie Gaudreault (3D artist)
  • Marie-Bénédict Jacquemin (sound artist)
  • Félix-Antoine Dupéré (Game Design)

Part(s) in the project:

  • Programmer