Leave my Mansion !

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Four little ghosts are searching for a mansion to haunt. They finally found a mansion that seems perfect. Sadly, this mansion is already haunted by a big ghost. The four ghosts decide to annoy the bigger ghost until it had enough and decide to leave the mansion. It is a split-screen cooperative game that can be played by two to four players. Each player can play a different small ghost, each one with his own ability. This project was done over a year with a team of eight, which got reduced to six along the way. The project wasn’t entirely completed, but it was my very first team project. I learned a lot, mostly about the major mistakes that can be done during this kind of project, such has not having a prototype and a GDD before starting the project. The team was made of Noémie Gaudreault (3D artist), Marie bois-joyal (3D artist), Mitchaël Gervais (concept art), Marc-Antoine Giguère (sound designer), Corantin Noll (level designer), Félix-Antoine Dupéré (game designer), Maxime Hardy (programmer) and me (programmer).

Used technologie: Unity 3D (2017.4.1), C#

Creation date: October 2017 to October 2018

Part(s) in the project: Programmer and project manager