Thrid Grade Theatre

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You are third grade acting teacher who wants to make the best play in the world. The only issue: your actors are all kids and you've got no budget! It's up to you to craft costumes and decors, handle the misbehaving children and make sure everything runs smoothly. Good luck! This game is available on

Creation date: January to April 2019

Link to the project

Used technologies:

  • Unreal Engine (4.20)
  • C++


  • Guillaume Lussier-Dulude (modeler and texturer)
  • Timothée Lachance (artistic director)
  • Christophe Page (generalist designer and 2D art)
  • Marie-Pierre Durry (character and animation artist)
  • Kerby Tineus (programmer)
  • Hugo Pelletier (programmer)
  • Maxime Hardy (programmer)

Part(s) in the project:

  • Design and implement the item and crafting system
  • Design and implement the disturbance system (flash, fire, pee and spotlight)
  • Design and implement the architecture of the character
  • Design and implement the dialogue bubble