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You can connect an Xbox controller. For the controler, the controls are: left stick: move, right trigger: use the wave, X: interact and Y: jump(when the foot are unlock). The controls for the keyboard are explaned during the game.

A falled angel fell from the sky. His fall mad ehim loose his body parts and the colors of the world disappeared. The theme of the Global Game Jam 2017 was "Waves".

Creation date: 2017 january

Used technologies:

  • Unity 3D(3.5)
  • C#
  • 3ds Max


  • Gabriel Lamarre(programmer)
  • Corantin Noll(programmer)
  • louis-Simon Mc Nicoll(programmer)
  • Aurélie Moine(3D artist)
  • David Bérubé(sound artist)

Part(s) in the project:

  • Programmer